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Below is a full listing of this blog’s wild game recipes, from all types of venison (antelope, deer, elk) to upland birds, fresh water fish, and even some bear recipes! If you’re looking for specific ingredients or types of recipes, you can also use the search engine on the side.

Kokanee Salmon | Wild Food Blog | healthy wild game recipes

Kokanee Salmon with Coriander and Lemon (fresh trout can also be substituted for the salmon!)


All types of Venison Recipes (different types of meat can be substituted with other game or non-game meats)


Antelope Stew

Antelope Curry

Antelope, Veggie, Noodle Bowl

Carne Asada

Prairie Cheese Steak Sandwich

Autumn Venison Roast


Sweet Potato Deer Chili

Deer Jerky – Hi Mountain Seasoning

Deer Jerky – Homemade Southwest Seasoning

Deer Enchiladas

Moroccan Venison Stew 


Elk Mole

Shredded Elk Tacos

Elk Tex-Mex Casserole

Mediterranean Elk Meatballs


Grilled Spicy Burgers

Juniper Berry Elk Stew

Mushroom Swiss Elk Burgers

Sweetened Elk Roast Sandwiches

Veggie Loaded Elk Taco Salad


Bear Recipes

Italian Bear Sausage Spaghetti

Italian Bear Pizza

Bear Stuffing


Bird Recipes

Stuffed Pheasant


Fish Recipes

Missouri River Trout Sushi Rolls

Kokanee Salmon with Coriander and Lemon

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