Making Bear Sausage

When Roy first got a bear, we asked people what they thought of bear meat and how to eat it. The response was never overly positive. Usually the responses were along the lines of: “Well….it’s different. Good luck eating it all.” “It’s greasy.” “It’s tough.” “Yeahhhh, it’s pretty bad.”

I think all the negativity made us even more determined to make the bear not just edible, but enjoyable!  We ended up grinding all the meat, some with beef fat and some with bacon bits and ends. We preferred the bacon bits and ends only, although with enough spices, plain ground bear meat and beef fat isn’t too bad. It was much more enjoyable when we ground it with the bits and ends though, and then added some Hi Country breakfast sausage spice packets.

Since the bear breakfast sausage is the base for all of the bear recipes I make, I’ve outlined how Roy prepared it.

Step 1. Grind bear meat until sufficiently ground. Because it’s incredibly dense meat, you might have to put it through the grinder multiple times (we put it through 3 times).

Step 2. Mix in ~1 pound of bacon bits and ends with 5 pounds of bear meat. Grind together.

Step 3. Add seasoning according to directions on box and mix together. We used Hi Country Breakfast Sausage: 

Step 4. Let sit in refrigerator for 24 hours.

Step 5. Package and freeze it.

This is a great basic recipe for breakfast sausage patties. But to have some more options with it, I add various other seasonings (sage, fennel, cayenne, etc) depending on the recipe I’m making.


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