Making Deer Jerky

We ground up most of our deer meat this year and have turned much of it into jerky. It’s a great and healthy snack food, and we love taking it on our road trips…Jethro (our dog) likes it, too, as he inevitably gets a few pieces (especially when we forget to pack dog food…)!

Deer Jerky

We used to make deer jerky in a dehydrator, but we found that it would dry the meat out too much, so Roy switched to making it in the oven.

The first step is to grind some deer meat.

So far we’ve only used seasoning kits…they are so easy to use, and most of them taste great. (We’re still experimenting with our recipes, so hopefully we’ll be able to post a successful one soon!) So add the seasoning to the ground meat.  Our favorite has been the Hi Mountain Cracked Pepper and Garlic seasoning. Follow meat to spice ratio on seasoning packet. Don’t skimp on the seasonings even a little bit!

Mix well.

Let sit for 24 hours.

Put a glob between two sheet of parchment paper.

Deer Jerky

Deer Jerky

Roll until it is about 1/8 – 1/4 inch thick (depending on preference). We like ours  a bit thicker.

Deer Jerky

Put in oven.

Deer Jerky

Leave oven open a crack to allow meat to dry.

Bake at 200.

Flip meat slab after about an hour.

It takes between 2-4 hours, depending on preference.

Taste periodically until it suits you.

When it is finished, take it out and let cool slightly. When ready,  either break the sheet into pieces (that’s what we do) or cut it into strips. Store in a sealed container.

Deer Jerky


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