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Growing up, I was spoiled. Spoiled in a culinary sense, that is. I was raised on a small farm in eastern South Dakota where we enjoyed eating our homegrown beef, chickens, eggs, and during the summer and fall, our garden produce.

Swanson Barn

And spoiled in the sense that I was able to enjoy spring evenings slogging slowly through the muddy creek bottom, listening to the frogs croak, watching the calves romp about, and then finish the evening by leaning up against hay bales as the sun would set and fill the sky with colors.

I was fortunate to have fresh, flavorful beef and chicken always available. There was no better grilled hamburger than the ones we grilled on the charcoal grill in the summer! Or my mom’s baked chicken that was a Sunday staple? It couldn’t be beat! Not only were the spices and cooking techniques excellent, the meat was just downright delicious. Even when I was in college, I always made sure to stock up on our meat when I was home instead of buying it from a grocery store.

Happy South Dakota cows and calves…except for those pesky flies!

When my husband and I moved out to Montana a couple of years ago, it was no longer easy to make a weekend trip back to South Dakota to visit (and stock up on meat…). We were on a budget, and meat was pricey. And after so many years of not buying meat, it felt weird to buy it in its grocery store packages. But Roy (i.e. Husband) was NOT going to become a vegetarian (nor was I for that matter). Fortunately, he loves to hunt and fish…but only if the meat can be eaten. Problem solved! He hunts wild game, and we wouldn’t have to buy meat.

Montana Elk Hunting


The first Montana deer he harvested was tough, though. Tough in the sense that I was used to a beef flavor. Not wild game. I kept searching the freezer for one last package of ground beef!

But after a month or so of experimenting with that first deer and figuring out what works with the flavor and what doesn’t, we both came to appreciate the taste of wild game. In the past couple of years, we have come to look forward to evenings enjoying antelope stews, trout sushi rolls, deer chili, bear sausage, and grouse pizza.

Montana elk herd

This blog will feature meals made with our wild meat and other wild foods, as well as our hunting adventures, and once spring and summer roll around, our foraging adventures. My hope is that this blog will help you appreciate cooking and eating some of the healthiest food this planet has to offer, and that together, we can have fun experimenting with and loving Wild Food!

Sweet Potato Deer Chili

Sweet Potato Deer Chili


  1. Hello…I like that you made your recipes printable! I printed two and am anxious to try them. I also look forward to checking in with your blog. It is very interesting!

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