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Autumn Venison Roast

Our freezer is full! After getting into elk the last five times Roy was in this one particular area (pictured below), he was finally able to make a clean shot at one. We are so happy, relieved, and thankful!

Autumn Venison Roast Wild Food Blog | Wild Game Recipes

A fine, wintry day to pack out an elk.

The evening Roy harvested the elk, he packed out one of the quarters and the back straps and tenderloins. The next morning, Roy, his dad, and I set out to pack out rest of the meat. With three of us, we were able to pack it all out in just one trip, which was nice as it was a little over 3 miles in. Although when we were going out with our packs loaded, all of it was downhill, so it was a pretty easy hike…even with the wintry winds! I also kept thinking how much easier it was than had he shot one 6+ miles back at the previous spot he was hunting during archery season.

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Juniper Berry Elk Stew

Juniper Berry Venison Elk Stew | Wild Food blog | wild game recipes

Still no elk (yet!).

But Roy did get an antelope! He got the doe Monday, and Tuesday was in the 70s, so it was a terrible day for it to hang. We managed to keep it cool, but we couldn’t let it hang another day as Wednesday was forecasted to be quite warm, too. So Roy butchered the antelope Tuesday evening, and we packaged all of the meat yesterday. The freezer is filling up!

Juniper Berry Venison Stew | Wild Food blog | wild game recipes

The sunset outside of White Sulphur Springs, Montana was gorgeous the evening Roy snuck up on an antelope.

Switching gears a bit… This fall, we started a new budget. We have just a bit of school loan debt left, and we really want to be done with it! Roy and I are listeners of Dave Ramsey and we are motivated to be debt free. Why am I writing this on my food blog?!?

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Antelope Carne Asada

Carne Asada

We recently moved and were reunited with our entire meat supply! (It had been staying in one of our freezers at Roy’s parent’s house, and Roy would periodically restock our own Bozeman freezer.) So I was digging through the freezer and realized a few things. 1) I have been putting off cooking the ducks Roy got months ago (and now that it is summer, heavy-flavored ducks do not seem appetizing so I will continue to put them off for a couple more months). 2) We still have a few elk roasts!! 3) We still have a lot of meat in general. Since hunting season is only a couple of months away (and Roy just found out he drew some special tags meaning more chances for more meat), I should probably start cooking (with meat) even more!

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Prairie Cheese Steak Sandwich (Antelope Steak)

Venison Cheese Steak Sandwich | Wild Food blog | wild game recipes

Rainy, chilly days call for comfort food. It is technically spring (although it hasn’t really felt like it), so we weren’t feeling like a hearty stew. But a warm, toasted, cheesy, meat-and-veggie-filled sandwich? Yes, please!

Roy and I had a discussion about the title. I wanted to do a name-take on the classic Philly Cheese Steak sandwich.  Originally I had Montana Cheese Steak Sandwich…but that didn’t have a nice ring to it. I kept throwing out different possibilities, but then Roy suggested since antelope are more prairie like creatures, why not Prairie Cheese Steak Sandwich. And so it is!

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Wild Game (Antelope) Curry

Antelope Curry Recipe | wild game recipes | Wild Food Blog

I could eat curries once a week (especially in the fall and winter). I’ve tried in the past, but then Roy gets burned out pretty quickly. So we go months and months without eating them. During this time, every time I open my spice drawer, I see the large bag of curry powder sitting there…far too full…

But it’s been awhile since we’ve eaten curry, so Roy was up for it again! Lucky for me!

I love that with curries, you can just throw a bunch of spices together in a pot and let it simmer. Then the outcome is tender meat with powerful, bold flavors.

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Antelope Stew

I hope everybody had a nice Thanksgiving! We had a great time with Roy’s folks and our friend, Jill, along with a couple of doggies who laid by the table hoping some scraps would come their way…and they did.

Antelope Stew

The week leading up to Thanksgiving, Roy and I ate this antelope stew every single day. To state the obvious, we made A LOT of stew. It’s a good thing it was so tasty! Although, we will probably make a smaller batch next time or freeze half of it for an easy dinner in the future.

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