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Antelope, Veggie, and Noodle Bowl

Antelope, Veggie, Noodle Bowl | wild game recipe | Wild Food Blog

I originally called this dish a stir fry, but it’s not really a stir-fry by technical definitions. I didn’t use a wok. It wasn’t cooked quickly. There was not smoke or splashing oil involved. It was rather tame in the kitchen. More of a sauté, stir a bit, and simmer until thickened. So I’m calling it a “bowl.”

But whatever you want to call it, the end result was delicious! I always say that, though, don’t I?? But this time, I have Roy’s words to back it up! His words were something along the lines of, “That’s definitely a top 5 meal!” Yup, top 5. :)

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