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Deer Enchiladas

Ground deer meat that’s been marinating soaking up flavors of beer, lime, and spices, plus onions, garlic, and several varieties of peppers all rolled in a tortilla and then smothered (not drizzled) in enchilada sauce and cheese (plus a cold beer) equals one filling, satisfying cold-weather meal.

Deer Enchiladas

I’ve been meaning to make enchiladas for awhile now, but they tend to be a bit time-consuming. And lately, our schedules have not allowed too much extra time for complicated meals.

Deer Enchiladaa

But once I started making these and decided to cut out a few steps (the dipping of tortillas into sauce or the frying of tortillas) to make them both easier, less messy, and healthier, I realized they really weren’t too time-consuming…a nice surprise!

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