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Juniper Berry Elk Stew

Juniper Berry Venison Elk Stew | Wild Food blog | wild game recipes

Still no elk (yet!).

But Roy did get an antelope! He got the doe Monday, and Tuesday was in the 70s, so it was a terrible day for it to hang. We managed to keep it cool, but we couldn’t let it hang another day as Wednesday was forecasted to be quite warm, too. So Roy butchered the antelope Tuesday evening, and we packaged all of the meat yesterday. The freezer is filling up!

Juniper Berry Venison Stew | Wild Food blog | wild game recipes

The sunset outside of White Sulphur Springs, Montana was gorgeous the evening Roy snuck up on an antelope.

Switching gears a bit… This fall, we started a new budget. We have just a bit of school loan debt left, and we really want to be done with it! Roy and I are listeners of Dave Ramsey and we are motivated to be debt free. Why am I writing this on my food blog?!?

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Veggie-Loaded Elk Taco Salad

Veggie-loaded Elk Taco Salad | wildfoodblog.com

You know those days when you are so busy it is hard to even think about planning for meals?? Let alone actually preparing them! We go through those. And one of our standbys for nights like that? A taco salad.

It’s so simple. Brown the meat (elk, beef, antelope, deer…it doesn’t matter) with onions, garlic, and spices from your cupboard (who needs those taco seasoning packets?? ;) ). Fill a bowl with crushed chips, greens of your choosing, and load it up with veggies and additional toppings. Scoop some meat onto the salad and top with cheese, salsa, maybe sour cream, and there you have it. Dinner (or supper…whichever term you prefer..) is ready!

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